With a few personal websites to go along with my very own Magento sandbox environment it’s obvious that I am a digital nerd! In my professional life I specialise in eCommerce platforms such as Magento and IBM Weshpere and have personally overseen ground up builds of large scale online shops. Digital is my passion!


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My Websites


Helping young basketball players pursue their dream to play basketball overseas whether it be in college or professionally. 
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A fan of the Skyline GT-R? This site is for you. Everything GT-R related from Featured GT-Rs to modifications.
Visit My Skyline GT-R


This site displays Guru Ramanathan’s photography portfolio as the photography services he provides. 
Visit The Photo Guru

Ecommerce & Web articles

In the 7 years experience I have had in the eCommerce space I have learnt a lot about what helps customers convert online. Some are simple things such as high quality product images and some are more complicated like tailored cross and upsell products. Most sites seem to ignore the simple things that can be done to boost conversion. Here are some of the white papers that I have written and published discussing the easiest ways to boost the conversion on any online shop.

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Along with my web development work both personal and professional another one of my passions is to write. If I don’t have a website on a particular topic I publish my articles to Hubpages. 

Need a website built?

No matter how large you want your website we can help. From creating an online store from scratch to a one page website. Nothing is too big or small.

We specialise in Wordpress, IBM Websphere, Magento (Enterprise & Community) and WooCommerce. ​​

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Like to speak to me about anything web or digital related or you’d like to chat to me about the charity programs I am a part of? Please yell out. I’m happy to discuss at length.

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“Manoj is hardworking – that’s what comes to mind when I think of his professionalism. He is also easy-going; which is important in stakeholder management – he has build bridges and rapport very quickly and have been able to learn the ropes and solicit vital work-information very effectively.

I can trust Manoj to get his assigned tasks, as well as his extra-mile efforts and assistance, done in the quickest and most efficient way”

John Low

“I have directly managed Manoj and can say he has a tireless work ethic, and formed great relationships with his peers. His personality brings teams together and it is uplifting to be around him. In addition to those valuable qualities, he picked technical aspects up very quickly and is eager to learn and try new and challenging tasks. He conducts himself with integrity and will put in the effort to reduce the workload of the team”

David Lee